New York Trip

Hi guys!

I’m coming at you with a travel post that is very dear to my heart. Last year November (OMG almost one year ago) my husband and I went to the Big Apple. It was my second time (I went in 2011 with my cousin to San Fransisco and New York) but for Rutger the very first time to this impressive city. We went at the end of November so it was all Christmassy! Bonus! And another bonus; We did produce our second daughter there 😉.


Because I work for an amazing airline like KLM we were able to fly there on a cheaper rate. That is one of the best ‘extras’ that comes with the job of being a flight attendant. The only thing is that there have to be open seats available, and thank god there were.

We came fully prepared. We had written a to do schedule for each day with between activity’s of course plenty enough time for shopping. Because my god the shops in New York are huge and so amazing. The only downfall is that everything is a bit more expensive in dollars. Especially when it comes to designer shopping. A lot of the nice brands are European so it’s better to buy them back home. I did buy the amazing Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in black at Saks Fifth Avenue. They were only like 10 euros cheaper there lol 😛 but hey I wanted them really bad anyway, so why not.

Other then all the shopping we did we also did all the touristy stuff and explored the city. Of course we went to the impressive Ground Zero and the Memorial Museum. By the time we left this remarkable place we went quiet. That’s how impressive and incredibly sad it is what happened back in 2001.

Soho and the Meatpacking district are my favourite areas for multiple reasons. I just love the atmosphere, the stylish people, the great shops and of course the food.

I’ve could go on and on about New York but I will just include some pictures so you can see for yourself how much fun we had and of course the outfits I was wearing.

Beacuse I just had a baby I won’t be flying anytime soon (I’ll start back working on the 14th of january 2018) but when I do I will keep you updated about all the lovely places in Europe the crew and I will go for work.

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

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