Loving these loafers

Hi guys!

Another Outfit of the day. Back in the day I wore heels a lot but since I’m a mom of two I sometimes need to get my priorities straight. That’s why I invested in these Gucci Princetown loafers while I was pregnant. And boy can I tell you, these are super comfortable. Money well spend! I wear these a ton even now when the temperature significantly dropped. I still love to wear my heels sometimes don’t get me wrong, but nowadays I’m only wipping them out on special occasions. Yes you’ve heard me. I’m that kind of person now lol. But hey comfortable can also be stylish I think. My 7 year old daughter call these shoes my ‘Grandma’ shoes and is always laughing so loud when I’m wearing these. It is kind of funny but not so funny when she’s laughing her ass off in the middle of the Gucci store on the most expensive shopping street ‘The P.C Hooftstraat’ that we have in Holland in front of the salesperson haha. She always talks about how she’s wants all my shoes whenever she has the same size as me but then she is always like euhmm mom not that ‘Grandma pair’ please. The rest of my shoes she loves. Love her so much!

In this photo I’m also wearing a checked blazer (They are EVERYWHERE this season) which I bought in Berschka, a black basic Berschka Tshirt, black skinny Jamie jeans via Zalando, Givenchy clutch (can you tell I love this brand ;), my trusty old Rayban Wayfarer sunnies and my bakerboy cap I bought at Urban Outfitters in New York last year in November. Links to everything I’m wearing are down below.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time.

XOXO Kimberley

Checked Blazer Berschka
Basic black Tshirt Berschka
Black Jamie Topshop jeans
Similar Bakerboy cap
Gucci Princetown loafers
Rayban WayfarerGivenchy clutch


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