Dreamy Louis Vuitton boots

Hi guys!

I’m back again with another outfit of the day. And today’s OOTD is a good one. Is there anything else I have to say about these Louis Vuitton Star Trail Boots other then that they are the boots of my dreams. They are just badass in my opinion. They go with so many outfits and on top of that they are also suprisingly comfortable. I wore them a few weeks ago when we went shopping in Amsterdam for the day and I was perfectly fine. These boots are real showstoppes on their own but compared with vinyl trousers? Gotta love it! Even my husband really likes these babies. We (yes I said we, when it comes to presents for birthdays and stuff like that he always wants to be safe lol and he makes sure that I really like my present) bought these boots online via the German Louis Vuitton website because boy it wasn’t easy getting our hands on these boots. We first called all the Louis Vuitton shops in Holland to track them down. They were nowhere to be found. So then we had a look online. The strange thing is that LV does not sell items online in Holland. The most nearby country was Germany. Thank god (you understand at this point after our long search it was a matter of life and death haha) I know a airline collegue of mine that lives in Germany and she was so kind to let me borrow her adress to get them shipped to her. Long story short: It was so worth it! I’m absolutely obsessed with my boots.

In this outfit I combined them with my beloved vinyl trousers (have I mentioned that vinyl is a huge trend right now, you probably already know) from H&M, my jumper is from &OtherStories, my aviator jacket (also a huge trend) I bought last year in New York at Forever21 (was only 50 dollars) and to top it all off I had my Chloe Faye bag with me. I’ll put all the links to what I’m wearing down below as usual so you can check these items out.

If you want to see more of me besides this blog follow me on my instagram @kimberleymatulessy for even more fashion.

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time

XOXO Kimberley

Louis Vuitton Star Trail Boots
Vinyl trousers H&M
Similar Aviator jacket
Similar style jumper (mine is sold out)
Chloe Faye bag



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