Wardrobe essential: ‘The camel coat’

Hi you guys!

It’s me again with a new outfitpost for you. This time it’s about a major wardrobe essential and staple: ‘The camel coat’. And in this case the longline wool camel coat. I really believe in a capsule wardrobe with pieces that all work togheter and where you could get dressed with your eyes closed. And no I’m not telling you to do so, it’s just metaphorically speaking ;). And the camel coat is such a wardrobe staple. Especially when you buy it in a wool fabric because it will last a lifetime. Mine is 100% wool and it is from Club Monaco. I bought the coat in New York last year as well. When I think about it, the question really is, if I left some items behind for the rest of New York to shop lol. I bought so much stuff there. But honestly how could you not? The shops are so amazing. And Club Monaco was cheaper in the States then when you buy it here in Holland online via Zalando for example. So bonus right there! Okay but back to what I was saying. Back to the coat because when I’m talking about fashion I’ll be all over the place. Ask my husband :p.

All the years of my life I have been shopping like a crazy person. Every style, every color, every trend, I liked it all. But the crazy thing was that I actually still had the feeling I had nothing to wear. Recognizable? Anyone? Which is crazy if you consider the fact that my closet was pact with clothes. It still is but I shop more wisely now. (note to self: hear my husband laughing in my head while typing this but anyways) I try to go for more basic items such as this wool camel coat, good fitting jeans, basic t-shirts in black-grey-white and darkblue for example. And I try to stick to this ‘basic’ kind of style and make it more fun by adding nice accessories like a nice designer bag (doesn’t have to be designer of course) or a good pair of shoes. This way you always have things to wear that go together and you are not wasting money on items that you will wear once or not even at all. Pricetag still on it -> super duper guilty in the past. So just go for the blacks, camels, whites, greys and blues. Trust me. Of course every ones in a while I’m also still temted to buy, let’s say, a huge pink faux fur coat. But hey I’m not perfect and I need me some color once a year.

This camel coat is such a good addition to my coat wardrobe. I love it in combination with blue denim and it works for day and night looks as well. It bought in the Club Monaco store in Soho for around 500 dollars what I can remember but I think it is worth it because what I said earlier, it will last a lifetime. But of course if your not feeling that spendy the highstreet has a lot of good wool coats as well. And the quality is getting better and better as well. The highstreet is also getting a bit more expensive I’ve noticed. Or is it just me? I will link some similar more affordable ones down below as well as mine (if I can find it still)

In this photo I wore my coat together with my Topshop frayed hem (Love a good frayed hem) jeans, a black zara knit, zara sock booties, a black beanie and my burgundy Stella Mccartney Falabella bag.

I hope you liked this blogpost and my outfit! Until next time! That would be awesome!

XOXO Kimberley

My Club Monaco coat in dusty pink
Similar highstreet version camel coat
Topshop raw hem jeans
Zara top (also with a raw hem on the bottom and the sleeves)
Similar sockboots (mine are old and it was very hard finding a similar pair in camel so I listed a awesome similar pair in patent leather by Topshop, can’t go wrong there)
Stella Mccartney Falabella bag



    • Ah thank you so much! Means so much to me! The bobble hat is an old one from h&m but in my previous post I’m wearing it as well and I linked a similar one there. Hope you’ll find one too! Cheers and thank you so much for reading! Xoxo Kimberley


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