Christmas came early this year: Louis Vuitton earrings

Hi guys!

I hope you are doing okay? I’m doing great! And that has everything to do with my early christmas present that arrived today. These Louis Vuitton earrings were on my wishlist for quite some time now but they were always sold out. For weeks we followed the LV website and made phonecalls to both LV stores that we have in Amsterdam. But nothing. I say we because my husband has become my fashion partner in crime :p. It was like they were selling them for 5 euros that’s how fast they were soldout lol. But today was the day. I randomly checked their website again and what a surprise! A few in stock on the website and in store. We live near Rotterdam and Amsterdam is like a one hour drive for us and I’m also taking care of my newborn baby so I wasn’t able to visit the store immidiately. But I knew that if I would wait a few days that they would be sold out again. But I think the fashion gods were on my side (yet again haha) because my husband was working in Amsterdam that day so he picked them up. You will understand that I just couldn’t wait for him to come home with a beautiful signature orange Louis Vuitton bag! And of course I was also happy to see him lol. The packaging is just absolutely amazing! And I love my earrings even more. They are 295 euro so for Louis Vuitton not that bad. Of course it is still very expensive but I knew that I would really wear these. If you really love Louis Vuitton and you would like to own an item from them but the bags and shoes are to pricey, then these earrings are perfect and a good first start to build your collection. For me it’s my second Louis Vuitton item next to my Star Trail Boots and I’m super duper happy.

I’ll try to link them down below if anyone is interested. I think these will be featured on my blog a lot!

Thank you so much for reading. It was nice to share my excitement with you. Let me know what you think about these earrings. I would love to hear your opinion.

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Louis Vuitton V-hoops

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