Combat boots and a Black friday chat…. Always a great idea!

Hi guys!

How are you? Thank you for coming back to my blog. It means the world to me. Make sure you click the like button if you like this blogpost and the outfit of course, and make sure you follow me so everytime I upload you will get a notification via email. That would be awesome!

That brings me to my next point. Did you guys survive Black friday? OMG I barely did. All the sales, all the discounts…. It drove me crazy. For a fashionlover these kind of fridays are super dangerous. And yes you don’t even have to ask. I did some serious damage. First of all I placed an order on where they had an unbelievable sale going on! 30 % off of everything on the website! I mean helloooooo. How can you not??? Then finally Missoma (the jewellery brand I love so much) had a 25% discount off of everything sidewide as well. Shoot me! So you guessed it! Also placed an order there which I will show you very very soon I hope. I’m so happy that I’ve waited to order something until this sale. Absolutely saved some money there which I of course spend on other stuff lol. And I maybe also placed an order on H&M as well (trying to put on my innocent face right now). As soon the orders come rolling in I will show you them in a blogpost of course. You can also follow me on instagram where I’ll show new in items and looks as well. And omg today it is cyber monday. Discounts again! But I behaved myself. For now. Monday isn’t over yet ;). And what about you? Did you take advantage of the huge discounts the shops were offering? Please let me know in the comment section. I’m very curious if you guys bought anything 🙂

Ok back to the outfit .Todays look was super cozy. Just an oversized jumper in a beautiful burgundy color (super on trend this season) pared with my beloved vinyl trousers from H&M. For some people vinyl sound a little scary and intimidating but I say just give it go, trust me. They are dressed down very easily and you look stylish with barely putting in the efford. If the trouser version is still to much for you, you can also try the skirt option. Also very cool and stylish and a bit more girly. I on the other hand like the trousers very much because it makes and outfit a little more though. I will link some skirt options down below for you to check out 🙂 I finished the look off with my Louis Vuitton combat boots (note: OBSESSED with these boots!) and my Givenchy Antigona bag. A simple and clean look with an edge, just the way I like it.

Thank you so much for reading! Again the links to everything are down below and a blogpost about what I bought on black friday will follow once all the orders are in.

Talk to you soon!

XOXO Kimberley

Vinyl trousers H&M
Burgundy knit
Louis Vuitton Star trail boots
Givenchy medium size Antigona

Vinyl skirt options:
Vinyl skirt
Vinyl skirt
Vinyl skirt

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