New in: Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Hi guys!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog for the first time or if you’ve been here before welcome back :). I highly appreciate it.

My obsession with the brand Balenciaga is finally satisfied. I’ve been eying up some of their items for a while now. Note to Balenciaga: Why do you guys have to be so freaking expensive and hard to get??? Cut it out okay. Thank you very much. But eventhough their pricepoint is a bit steep and some items very hard to find I love almost everything they do. They are a very cool brand that create clothes, bags etc for the really edgy and cool it girls you see everywhere (depending on where you live of course lol) I’m not saying that I am one of those it-girls. Because I’m absolutely not haha. Believe me. But I will try to think of myself as a cool girl, and that is enough for me to justify my next “cool” purchase ;). So Balenciaga it is then. OMG I’ve searched hihg and low for these shoes. They were very very (read: VERY) hard to get. I almost spend a whole day of my life finding this pair online. Okay I did spend a whole day tracking these down let’s be honest here.

My heart skipt a beat when I saw these on a online store called Never ever heard of them (and that is a rare thing believe me, because I consider myself as a professional online shopper haha) but they were a godsent! Finally the search was over. I’ve clicked on the button purchase never so fast in my life! And now…. they are finally mine! I know they are maybe not for everyone but I think these are flipping cool. The shipping was quite good, it took approximately 3 days to came in. They came in a lovely black bag which you can see on the photos and also came with a Balenciaga dustbag as most of designers includes these with their items.

They are a sockstyle boot called the Balenciaga speed trainer, but minus the uncomfortable heel. These are the opposite of uncomfortable. I bought them in a darkblue color because I think darkblue is the new black and it goes with absolutely everything. I will post some outfits with me wearing them very very soon on my blog, so keep an eye out for that. I’m super in love with my new purchase! Let me know what you think? I’m curious to know.

For now thank you so so so so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you back on a next blogpost! P.s Still waiting for some of my black friday orders so a post about what I bought soon as well.

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Balenciaga speed trainer in a different color (couldn’t find the one I have anywhere I’m sorry)

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