Taking my Balenciaga’s out for a spin #ootd

Hi guys!

Back at ya again with an awesome ootd if I may say so myself. This is without a doubt the most comfortable outfit of life! But first how are you? I hope your week is going great so far, if not then the good news is I’m here with a new blogpost with an ootd to take your mind off of things for a few minutes. About me, I’m still enjoying my maternity leave to the fullest with my family. I enjoy being home so much and I’m having a bit of a hard time when I think about me going back to work again in 5 weeks. But hey on the other hand, I have the best job in the world. I get to travel around Europe for free and even get paid and I know that so many girls would love to have my job. I know I’m very lucky and blessed. So no complains here but it’s just hard leaving your family especially your kids. And Billy-Rose is still only 14,5 weeks old. She is so cute and tiny. I love her to death. Okay enough about my family because you’ll know by now that I love them very much. Back to equally important stuff: FASHION!

My husband (haha family yet again, but fashion related this time I promise) found this amaaazing spot to shoot during his work. He was so excited about it so I trusted his judgement which is a good idea most of the time lol. And boy was he right. This place was so awesome to shoot this look and some other looks as well which will be on the blog in a few days. We had a lot of fun! A funny fact also is that he is no professional photographer at all. In fact we use my dad’s really good Nikon camera to shoot these looks for you guys, and the first shoot I went live with on the blog was also my husbands first time shooting something. We normally take pictures of our children for example using our phones. But I think he’s doing a fabulous job don’t you think? Of course me and him need to improve our skills, but I feel like we are getting better and better every week. I hope you agree.

Today I wore my new in Balenciaga speed trainers which I love so so so much! They are literally the most comfortable designer shoes I own and I think the look badass! So I felt these shoes needed a sort of badass clothing look as well. We were celebrating Sinterklaas (the Dutch children holiday) that day at my parents house so I wanted to be really comfortable anyway so this outfit was perfect. I also wore my new in (bought this one on black friday) darkblue longline coat from H&M. If you haven’t seen that blogpost about my black friday purchases yet, make sure to check it out. It is the one before this one. I linked it here —> Blogpost about Black Friday
This coat was such a good buy. I wore it at least four times already since I’ve got it. (That is a lot for me lol since I got so many) I combined this look with an oversized blue hoodie with build in power shoulder pads that I love so much (some people may hate that boxy look but I love it) from &OtherStories (yes back again haha, get use to it) and some old joggerpants (which are not meant for you to be exercising in but meant to wear as a fashion item for the people who think I’m going to the gym or something, same for the shoes I suppose, it’s meant to be fashion lol) and topped it of with my good old favourite pom pom hat. This is such an old one but a goodie, and my husband thinks it looks cute and sexy on me so pom pom hat it is then! Gotta keep him happy 😉

So I linked all the items (if available, if not I’ll link some alternatives) down below for you to check out and maybe purchase yourself if you like the look. Let me know what you think! Thank you again so much for reading! It means the world. I’ll talk to you on thursday.

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Oversized hoodie in grey (mine is no longer available)
H&M longline darkblue coat (bought mine with 20% off on black friday)
Balenciaga speed trainers
H&M pompom hat
Similar style sporty trousers

Affordable version of the Balenciaga speed trainers




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