It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Love my new leopard print bakerboy cap! #ootd #fashion

Hi guys!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today it’s monday again. The start of a new week. We had a very nice weekend. On saturday we had a ‘stay in your pyjama all day’ day. It was so nice to stay home for a change and not go anywhere. No birthdays, no trips no nothing. Lovely! On sunday it started snowing but never the less we decided to drive to Zwolle for a live shopping sale event from a children clothing brand I love so much: ‘Once upon a pink cloud‘. OMG their clothes are just like the clothes I want to wear myself but then for my mini me’s. So you guessed it, I went absolutely bananas in there! My girls will be looking fly for the rest of 2018 lol. Normally Zwolle is a 1,5 hour drive for us but during the shopping event the snow got worse and it took us more then 3 hours to get home. But in the end it was worth it I think. I hope my husband will agree haha.

Okay enough about my weekend. So like I said before I’m talking to you right now from a white winter wonderland called the Netherlands. Yes that’s right the Netherlands. Since yesterday everything is covered in snow. It looks so beautiful! I love the view so much but from indoors lol. And it seems like the snow is not going anywhere soon. Because our view from the car on our way back from Zwolle was so pretty we dicided to stop along the road to shoot some pictures for the blog, and I think they turned out lovely. The white snow makes such a beautiful decor to shoot pictures in. Oh have I told you that once we were done shooting pictures our car got stuck in the snow lol? No? Okay let’s keep it that way haha because it was terrible and funny at the same time and by the way, so us. But I still think the trip to Zwolle was worth it lol. I mean, everything for fashion right?

Outfitwise I wore a typical chilled weekend Kimberley like outfit. And when I think about chilled dressing my Isabel Marant wedge sneakers always come to mind. I have them in 3 colors (yes excessive I know) and I have been wearing these shoes for almost 6 years now. All my friends no that these shoes became a part of me haha. I also wore my super easy flared joggers with a strechy waistband (yes food baby appropriate) from Gina tricot that I bought in Sweden and my Zara striped jumper. I love the combination of black with camel. I think it looks great together. This jumper screamed for my Club Monaco camel wool coat so that was the one I picked. For my accessories I picked my already favourite necklace from Missoma, my Celine trio bag and my new cool leopard print bakerboy hat. It’s no secret that I love bakerboy hats and this one is absolutely no acception! I got this one very kindly gifted to show you guys on my blog from Monique from a shop called Fashionstyle by M. The shop is located near to my house and I love going there. I also buy trendy clothing for my oldest daughter at Fashionstyle by M. I spotted this bakerboy hat and fell in love right away! If your in the neighboorhood you should really check it out! She also has a website which I will link here for you guys: Website Fashionstyle by M

Thank you so much again Monique!

I will link all the items (when available) like always down below for you guys! For now thank you so much for reading! I will talk to you on wednesday!

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Zara striped knit
Isabel Marant Bekett shoes
Club Monaco Daylina wool coat
Celine trio bag (second hand)
Flared joggers
Leopard bakerboy hat

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