New in Luxury: Mytheresa order, Chloe and Golden Goose #newin #luxury

Hi guys!

I’m just starting telling you right away what I bought at Mytheresa
because I’m beyond excited!!! 1,5 week ago I received an email from Mytheresa about a private sale that they were having. The only word I read was Sale so I clicked on it as soon as possible lol and I knew from there on out I was in trouble. Or more likely me and my husbands bankaccount. Sidenote, if you really like to buy luxury items every ones in a while just like me I highly suggest you sign up for their newsletter so you will get notified whenever these kind of promotions are taking place. Because I’ll promise you that, otherwise you will be too late. For example, you only get notified for these private sales when you are a subscriber of their newsletter. Well long story short, I am!


Then I found out by clicking on the link that it was a private sale on a selected bunch of full priced new collection items. O my god! I started browsing like a maniac, because it was quite a lot what they were offering with a whipping 30% off. Now I hear you thinking, 30% hmmm that’s not even that much. Well let me tell you, 30% off of luxury items is a big deal. We’re talking about big amounts of money for bags and shoes and stuff, so 30% is taking a lot off the original price.

I had my eye on a few pairs of shoes for a while now, but I just wasn’t ready to take the plunge (read: my bankaccount wasn’t ready, as well as my husband haha) but I would had never thought that these two pairs will ever go on sale. So picture this… Me browsing thru all of these pages full of all the shoes, bags, clothing that were included in the private sale. And then I spotted the two pairs I wanted for so long! My eyes light up and get big. I start screaming to myself (and my 15 weeks old baby haha) OMG, OMG, OMG I can’t believe these are on sale! I have to have them! I have to call Rutger right now! So I did and told him what we woman do best. ‘Oh babe, what just happened to me, there are the two pairs of shoes that I was lusting over for so long now remember honey (waiting for him to remember, of course that didn’t happen haha) so the conversation is going on me explaining him which shoes I mean, and then I’m telling about this awesome super duper private sale where I have been specially selected for (<—- lol) and that omg the shoes I’ve wanted for so long are now on sale with a whipping 30% off! And I tell him that this must be faith haha and meant to be of course. I promise him a massage and that’s that. That is a bit along the lines of how it goes around here. No but seriously, I was so happy and he agreed about the shoes and that they were pretty awesome (and meant to be of course 😉 so I ordered them both. Also am I the only person who orders two pairs and thinking to theirself oh I can always return one pair and then never do…


First of all, Mytheresa packaging is just exguisite! It’s worth ordering something only for the packaging. You can really tell that they put a lot of time and effort in wrapping up your items. It’s just so festive! And now drumroll…. I got the long anticipated Chloe Susanna studded boots in the suede tan color and the black and white Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers. O my god I couldn’t be happier! The Chloe Susannah boots I’ve wanted for years and years but god they are so expensive and I just never took the plunge. But when I saw that these were now 30% off I had to pick them up. I always thought I wanted the black ones (these were already sold out) but I’m happy I went for this tan color. I have way to many black shoes already and it’s nice to switch it up a bit. I think that these boots look awesome in summer as well under flowy dresses so that’s why I picked this color as well. They are also very summer appropriate I think. I bought them in a 37,5 and they fit perfectly. I normally wear a european size 38/38,5 but these boots run very big. So take that in consideration when you’re in the market for these shoes. And then my second pair. I loved the cool vibe that these Golden Goose sneakers were giving me on other instagrammers/bloggers and I felt that these shoes really fit my personal style. They are real leather of course and I just love the design with the star on them. And yeah 30% off as well, what more can I say. They run thru to size so I just bought my normal size, a European 38.

thumbnail_20171213_114222_resized - kopie

thumbnail_20171213_114245_resized - kopie

thumbnail_20171213_114331_resized - kopie

thumbnail_20171213_114359_resized - kopie

thumbnail_20171213_114451_resized - kopie

thumbnail_20171213_114506_resized - kopie



I’m a very happy girl right now! What do you think about these shoes? Let me know! I would love to know. I will be styling up these boots soon for you so keep an eye out on that. Also make sure to follow me on instgram @kimberleymatulessy as well, since I post more ootd’s and other fashion stuff on there that won’t make it to the blog. Also if you haven’t already subscribe (there is a follow button somewhere on the screen) to this fashionblog so you will get notified everytime I put up a new blogpost. That would be awesome! I really appreciate every single person that takes the time to visit my blog/instagram! And if you like what your seeing/reading tell your friends 😉 and help me grow this blog :). Thank you so much!

Both shoes are linked down below.

I will talk to you guys on friday again. For now enjoy your day!

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Chloe Susanna boots (Ibought mine with 30% off)
Golden Goose sneakers (bought mine with 30% off)

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