Belt bag/Fanny pack obsession, help me choose which one to get! #fashioninspiration

Hi guys!

Yeeyyy it’s friday again and that means weeeekenddddd! Not that I need it because I’m still on maternity leave (love it) but it means that it’s family time again! My husband works 5 days a week from monday thru friday so the weekend is where we can all spend time together, and we love it! After I’m done with this post we are going to visit a christmas market in Dordrecht. We love it so much and it has become a sort of family tradition for us since we go every year. The christmas market will be in Dordrecht from this friday till sunday, but we are going tonight because I just can’t wait and I want to visit at night with all the lovely christmas lights and stuff. It’s so cozy and christmassy. I don’t know if christmassy is even a word but I’ll use it anyway ;). I will let you know in sundays blogpost how it was.


Okay but now the real reason behind this post. I have a problem. I really want to buy a belt bag (so in love with this style of bag right now) but I just don’t know which one to buy. I know I know, this is not exactly a world war three problem but still. Dicisions dicisions…. So you guys have to help me decide.

First I’ll tell you something about these super duper trendy bags that you see literally everwhere right now. And I mean on stylish people lol. I don’t mean the grumpy woman that lives next door to you with her stuffy oldfashioned look with… you guessed it, a fanny pack. lol. That’s not what I’m talking about right now. I know it will sound strange for some people. A fanny pack? Are you serious? And yes I am damn serious. It is a real fashion it bag at the moment and I love the way it looks. I think it suits my style very well. And of course it’s never smart to buy a really trendy bag because they loose their value very quickly and are going in and out of style in a flash, but never the less I really want one! The thing is, I’ve been in love with the belt bag/fanny pack style bags for years now. I remember fashion stylist of the stars and designer Rachel Zoe had one in her collection years ago. I loved it so much back then but it was always sold out so I could never get my hands on it. Now years later it has come back in fashion but I never stopped loving this style of bag so now I’m so ready to take the plunge and buy one. What do you think of this style of bag and which one do you recommend? Or do you still think it is aweful haha because I know a lot of people will not like this bag but, hey that’s absolutely fine. I think it’s pretty awesome. I really have been contemplating between two designers that both have belt bags in their collection: Prada and Gucci. Especially the Gucci one is a very known ‘fashionblogger’ bag. I still can’t decide so we are going to make a family trip this sunday to Amsterdam where the high end shops are so I can take a look at the bags myself. I wanted to order one online but I just don’t know what to do so that’s why we (yes we lol) decided to actually visit the stores.

I’ll link both bags below, please let me know what you think. Also follow me on my instagram @kimberleymatulessy because I also post outfit pictures and other fashion stuff that don’t make it to the blog. That would be awesome!

I will show you in my post on sunday if I made a decision and which one I will buy so stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Gucci belt bag

Prada Cahier belt bag

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