Checkprint and Fanny packs #ootd

Hi guys!

I’m back yet again. How was your Christmas? I hope that it was filled with love, joy and of course lots of presents. We had a lovely Christmas. In Holland we celebrate two days of Christmas. Lucky us haha. The second day is also known as boxing day in other countries. The first day we had a lovely brunch at my parents house and in the evening we had dinner at my parents in law. The second day of Christmas we decided to just have a chilled day with our own little family. We drove to Dusseldorf Germany which is around a 2 hour drive for us, to visit the Christmas market (love it so much). We just love being in the car as a family and sing a long on the top of our longs with all the Christmas songs lol. It doesn’t sound that great but we have all the fun in the world.

But back to fashion. You know that I recently did some shopping ;). Of course you did Kim, what’s new. In this outfit (this was not at Christmas by the way) I took my new Gucci belt bag out for a spin as well a my new Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers. I’m so happy with these new purchases. The sneakers I also really really recommend because they are so flipping comfortable. I didn’t need to break them in at all. Also the inside and outside are real leather so very nice and good quality. I really am considering buying another pair. I think they have the cool girl vibe and look good with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. And then my new Gucci beltbag….. I don’t know where to start but I can tell you this, the love is real. It’s so stylish (at least I think that, maybe you’re at home reading this like this girl must be crazy lol) and it holds all my essentials. For me it’s a plus that it is on the smaller side because sometimes I literally get carried away with the amount of stuff I’m taking with me, I’m not even kidding.

For this look I wore my beloved check print trousers by H&M.
Checkprint is still a very huge trend and it’s not going anywhere soon. Love these trousers to death. The stretchy fabric is what makes them so comfortable. On top I wore a super big and oversized cozy jumper from H&M as well. This was such a good find last year and I still love it this year. On my head I wore a new knitted beanie that I ordered last week from Zara. It keeps me super warm and it looks great on as well. The bag and shoes you already know. I really loved this look! It’s quite monochrome and that’s exactly just the way I like it. What do you think of this look?

I hope you guys have a lovely remainder of your day and I’ll talk to you soon before 2017 is over. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and make sure to follow me on my instagram @kimberleymatulessy

Until next time!

XOXO Kimberley

Grey beanie Zara (this is a similar one, mine is soldout)
H&M trousers (it’s the same one but with a different pattern)
Gucci belt bag
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers


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