Pink Sandro coat and Prada sunnies… #ootd

Hi guys!

How are you guys doing??? O my god I know I know, it’s been a while. I’m sorry. I hope you had an awesome first few weeks of 2018. I was a little m.i.a but just because after 6 months spending time at home with my newborn it was time for me to go back to work.

At the moment I’m very busy getting back on track and study for all my exams that I first need to pass before getting back in the air. (I am a flight attendant for the people that didn’t know) My husband and I still took the time to quickly shoot some pictures of me wearing my new awesome Sandro coat in this beautiful light pink color. I bought this one on the 26th of december (2nd Christmas day in Holland) at the outlet shopping centre in Roermond. Just one advice, never go their during Christmas because oh my god it was so extremely busy! Lines everywhere to even go into the stores. Just absolutely insane! Even for a shopaholic like me lol. I popped in quickly into Sandro (no lines here thank god) and snagged up this beautiful pink coat which was reduced from 455 euro to 127 euro. So an absolute steal!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures of me styling up my new Sandro jewel and that you will forgive me that I have to keep it a little short because of work. After I’m done finishing my exams I will be back more regurlarly. I promise!

Until next time

XOXO Kimberley

Prada sunnies
Sandro coat
Vans oldskool
Givenchy Antigona



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