2 piece matching set by @Lotteoudshoorndesign #ootd

Hi guys!

I’m here again with an ootd. Finally! I’m back at work. I passed all my exams and tomorrow will be my first day of actual flying again. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time!

Today we celebrated our oldest daughters birthday. She turned 8 on the 3td of january and we had a small bdayparty today at our house. She got very spoiled (of course) and we had a lovely day with friends and family.

Last thursday my mother and I went shopping together (again, what else lol) in Gouda and I discovered an awesome store that is selling cool kidsclothing and fashionable womans clothing as well. Sounds perfect if you ask me! The store is called ‘Onze Nieuwe Winkel’ (this is the kids section of the store) and the brand that sells the womans clothing is called ‘Lotte Oudshoorn Design’. The cool thing is that the Lotte Oudhoorn Design section is all handmade clothing and she also designed all the pieces in a kid version. So twinning is winning has never been so accurate! Loving it!

I bought some items for my oldest daughter at the ‘Onze nieuwe winkel’ part of the store and I bought an awesome two piece matching set at Lotte Oudshoorn part, and wow I’m so happy with my new purchase. The quality is great and the items are beautifully handmade. The designs are also one of a kind and unique. So I thought to myself what better day to wear this new outfit then today on my daughters birthday party.

I styled this look with my awesome Chloe Susanna boots, a bakerboyhat I also bought at my shoppingtrip at Gouda and my beloved Gucci beltbag.

Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram as well (kimberleymatulessy) and if you love kids you can also follow my beautiful kids on instagram (sisters.billyrose_and_ivyjules) That would be awesome!

Until next time guys!

XOXO Kimberley

Gucci belt bag
Lotte Oudshoorn lenny tiger sweater
Lotte Oudshoorn Lou tiger skirt
Chloe susanna boots


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